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Repairs To Walls & Ceilings Using Lime

 When restoring an old Victorian townhouse or 17th Century cottage or farmhouse, you might come across limework when stripping off old wallpaper. Old crumbly lime may come off by accident revealing brickwork or wooden laths. Whilst the experience might seem overwelming, these patches can be repaired using the traditional lime plastering materials.


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Skimming Walls & Plasterboards

Here preparation is key to a fine smooth surface. Before applying the plaster, all cracks in the wall or plasterboard joints must be covered using a roll of scrim (this is a flexible  cotton mesh fabric), this helps to prevent the new plaster cracking in the future. Then 2 coats of finish plaster can be applied over the whole area.


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Venetian Polished Plastering

Venetian plaster is a special plaster made of aged lime putty and marble dust, capable of creating a smooth, compact look with a high sheen or textured, stone or marble finish. These plasters are not only beautiful but also "green", natural and eco-friendly.

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